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The Training

Collaboratively designed and managed by the founders of the Live Grit Soars and Tri-Masters coaching staffs, the Renew Chicago Tri Team training program will provide its members dedicated guest coaching for its beginners, intermediate and advanced tracks. The curriculum consists of the content promoted across the Chicago Triathlon and through our designation as an official IRONMAN triathlon team.

Our primary focus is on the first-timers registered to participate in the Sprint and Olympic Distances, as they require the most mental and physical training preparation support. While there's no one-size-fits all perfect plan for an individual, we will be providing personal consultations and delivering a series of training seminars and workout events geared toward SuperSprint participants as well. If someone were to participate in the Chicago Tri for the first time on their own and took advantage of all the free training provided by the race organizers, they would be just fine. Our team will tap into all of that, and supplement the training with a series of info sessions, runs, bikes, swims and brick sessions just for our team about twice per month between June and the end of August.

Access the preliminary schedule of training events and clinics by clicking here.

Renew's USAT-certified coaching staff roster includes:

  • Gillian Fealy, Live Grit Soars
  • Bernard Lyles, Tri-Masters

For you first-timers, be sure to mark your calendars (each session is optional, nothing mandatory) for the Chicago Triathlon Open Water Swim Series, open to all event participants, where you will learn:

  • How open water swimming differs from the pool 
  • Rules of the triathlon swim
  • Swim etiquette at Ohio Street Beach
  • Properly wearing / removing a wetsuit
  • Common triathlon swim issues (hyperventilating, breathing, sighting)

2020 Chicago Triathlon Open Water Swim Clinic Schedule (To be released soon)

Location: Ohio Street Beach, Start Time at 6pm
  • Tuesday, June XX Open Water Swim Clinic #1
  • Tuesday, July XX: Open Water Swim Clinic #2
  • Tuesday, August XX: Open Water Swim Clinic #3

To get a head start on your training, head over to the Chicago Triathlon site to tap into their pre-existing library of training plans for the International, Sprint and SuperSprint distances.You'll want to like their Facebook page, too! Please be sure to register individually in advance for the Open Water Swim clinics.


The majority of Renew Chicago Tri Team registrants signed up to have some structured fun this summer, trying something new and raising money for an awesome cause. Sure, we've got some veteran performers focused on setting a PR, and the social events (think BBQs, happy hours, tours of the programs that are on the receiving end of our fundraising efforts) will cater to everyone, and provide a series of fun connection opportunities to celebrate what we're doing. That schedule of social events kicks off in May and will be communicated on this site, via email and through our Team's Facebook page. Be sure to check back for more updates in the coming weeks!     

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You Are Not Alone

"When I took my first plunge into the then-intimidating sport of triathlon back in 2010, I really had no clue what I was getting into, because I tried to do it all on my own. Despite my goggles not working, and underinflated tires adding what felt like another five miles to the ride, the equipment malfunctions significantly slowed my pace, but that's about it. Hoping I had everything necessary to complete the race properly staged in the locked transition zone at 5:30am when I made a place for myself and my bag of stuff in the grass near the start line, that's when I began the long wait alone for the sun to rise and my family to eventually show up.  

Despite all that, I still fell in love with the sport and have come back to the Chicago Triathlon every year since. The lesson learned -- which Renew Chicago Team Members won't have to learn the hard way -- is to take your first steps into what can be a scary venture in the community of friends, coaches and supporters who have been in your first-timer shoes, doing this for years. Regardless of your experience or ability, we've got you covered, because we are working with the best first-timer tri staff on the planet. And nobody will be sitting on the hill by themselves; we've got a space carved out for all of us to gather, and stow your belongings in Charity Village before the race, and another big spot reserved at the Finish Festival to celebrate together after the race, too."

- First Timers Coach Scott