Meet the Coaches

Rishan Mohideen, Live Grit

Rishan has been participating, coaching, and selling a triathlon focused lifestyle for years. Focusing on the mantra that "anyone can do anything" he pairs his love of triathlons with his love of doughnuts and cheap beer. Regardless of where he is or who you are, he's always happy to nerd out about triathlons, doughnuts, or anything you find interesting.


Gillian Fealy, Live Grit

Gillian has been a part of the triathlon world long before she created Live Grit. Having participated in multiple 70.3 Ironman races, the Chicago Marathon, and the Chicago Triathlon she consistently finds herself engaged in the sport on a personal level. She created Live Grit as a platform to spread her passion for triathlons and the life-changing impact they have.


Bernard Lyles, Tri-Masters

Bernard is known internationally as an ambassador for the sport. An accomplished triathlete (with more than 90 races under his belt), Bernard has been instrumental in hundreds of African Americans taking up the sport. His passion and interest in teaching the sport led him to found Tri-Masters Chicago in 1990 and Tri-Masters Sports Initiative Programs in 1992. Bernard is a Red Cross Certified Water Safety Instructor and Advanced Certified PADI Scuba and Rescue Diver. He is an active member of the community, volunteering numerous hours with several endurance events throughout Chicago and world-wide for more than 30 years.