​Fundraising 101

Again this season, the Renew Chicago Tri Team is NOT setting a minimum goal. Instead, we are relying on the commitment of our team members to support our ministry partners and do their best to help us reach out $100,000 fundraising goal.

We will continue to update this section of the web site and provide regular doses of fundraising coaching and training, including at least two in-person fundraising clinics at Breakthrough.

Please access the fundraising guide in the RESOURCES section of your personal page portal. In the meantime, check out these tips and tricks from Brad McClain, a Top 5 all-time Renew fundraiser:

  1. Start early (now!)

  2. Put effort into your fundraising page and make it your own.  Set a high fundraising goal, and raise it as needed.  People may be less likely to donate if you've already reached your goal.

  3. Personalize your outreach.  Be thoughtful and specific.  Send personalized emails to your closest family and friends.  Talk about more than just fundraising.  Talk training highs and lows and about the team.

  4. Use social media posts to supplement emails. 

  5. Thank everyone who donates to you personally.

  6. Send updates throughout the summer to those who have donated along with those who haven't yet.  The more they feel like they're on this journey with you the more likely the are to donate.