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Brian Ferber

2019 Renew Chicago Tri Team


On August 25th I’ll be participating in my second Chicago Triathlon, and I’m asking YOU to be part of the journey!

Last year I set out to complete the race, survive and be the top fundraiser for the Renew Chicago Triathlon Team, which supports an amazing organization in Chicago: Breakthrough. I was able to accomplish each of these goals, and I learned a lot about myself along the way, mainly that you CAN accomplish anything with the support of your friends and family!

This year, I’ve partnered with two amazing friends, Monica and Vik Sharma, to form Team Sherb to attack the Chicago Triathlon as a unified power squad, competing in the International Relay Competition. 

We are raising money in an effort to support Breakthrough, a wonderful charity striving to make the East Garfield Park community of Chicago the best that it can be.

Last year over one hundred loving people donated an average of $50 each, which meant the world to myself, Renew Chicago and Breakthrough. Please consider supporting my efforts this year. Donations of any amount would be so much appreciated.





Rooted in partnership with a diverse collection of non-profits, Renew Chicago, a standalone 501(c)3, provides financial and leadership resources and volunteers to more than a dozen local outreach organizations across three core focus areas: Neighborhood Impact, Schools and Education and Economic Renewal. 

100% of the funds raised through the 2018 Renew Chicago Triathlon Team will directly benefit our participating charity partner organizations, in addition to sponsoring Tri-Masters and Sidelined Chicago, and helping launch new social initiatives through its 2018 Social Enterprise Contest. 


Breakthrough is committed to community revitalization in East Garfield Park on Chicago's West Side, and for 25 years has followed a profoundly simple formula: people first. Each year, Breakthrough provides housing, food, job training, medical care, education, and youth development activities to over 5,000 local residents. Throughout all of its services, Breakthrough envisions a vibrant, healthy community in which all people recognize their God given value and where success is the norm and families prosper.