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Mark Kieser

2019 Renew Chicago Tri Team


To quote the famous Chicago musician, Elwood Blues (of the infamous Blues Brothers), "I'm on a mission from God." This August, I will take my second consecutive plunge into Lake Michigan in the 2019 Chicago Triathlon. And my goal this quote Elwood's Brother, Joliet Jake, "We need 5000 bucks fast!" to support Breakthrough and Renew Chicago.  How hard could this be? "There's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark out, and we're wearing sunglasses" (E. Blues, 1980).The Blues Brothers

I hope you will consider supporting my efforts again this year? Any donations or prayers you would be generous enough to provide would be so much appreciated. THANK YOU!


Breakthrough is committed to community revitalization in East Garfield Park on Chicago's West Side, and for 25 years has followed a profoundly simple formula: people first. Each year, Breakthrough provides housing, food, job training, medical care, education, and youth development activities to over 5,000 local residents. Throughout all of its services, Breakthrough envisions a vibrant, healthy community in which all people recognize their God given value and where success is the norm and families prosper.


Rooted in partnership with a diverse collection of non-profits, Renew Chicago, a standalone 501(c)3, provides financial and leadership resources and volunteers to more than a dozen local outreach organizations across three core focus areas: Neighborhood Impact, Schools and Education and Economic Renewal.